Translation services

>> From American English to German

If you intend to offer or sell your products and services in the German language area, correct product or instruction translations can be critical to your success! The right words, correct sentences or grammar, with my translation services I am here to help you if you need to have your documents translated into German. No matter if it is office documents, product packaging or instructions you need to have translated, I can take over this task from you.
If you already have translations but are unsure of their correctness, I also offer that I can look them over for you and correct them if necessary.

My turnaround time usually starts at 24 hours depending on text length (please contact me for current turnaround times).

If you wish a sample of my work, please e-mail a short text consisting of no more than 5 lines of text or 600 characters to me for translation.

>> Please note that I am not a certified translator. If you do need certified work, please consult a certified translator or translation agency!

Prices for my translation services (pricing per word or per row):
Translation sample: free
Price per word: 0,12€
Price per row (50 to 60 characters including spaces in between words): 1,20€
Minimum fee: 50€

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